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June 4 2019      20.30 CEST

June 18 2019    20:30 CEST

June 18 2019    20:30 CEST

July 2 2019        20:30 CEST

July 16 2019       20:30 CEST

Your host:  Samula Mescher, PhD
A former scientist herself, Samula now coaches scientists on how they can achieve at lot more at work and at home, by finding more balance and energy in their lives. 

What to expect from the workshop?
During this one-hour workshop I will debunk 3 myths that stand in the way of you finding balance 

  • Myth 1: Finding balance and being an driven, ambitious academic are not compatible
  • Myth 2: Time management will help you find a better work-life balance
  • Myth 3: You feel unbalanced because of how busy your are

You will learn why these are myths
You will discover what it takes to find more balance. I will share 4 important keys to finding balance in academia
You will leave the workshop with a practical action you can take immediately to improve your work-life balance.

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