Beyond your PhD

Beyond Your PhD

You are working on your PhD or you already have earned your PhD and are at a crossroads in your career. What will be my next step? Do I want to stay in academia? If yes, as a postdoc or assistant professor? Do I want to go abroad or stay here?  Maybe I want to leave academia. What options do I have outside academia?

It always a very good idea to explore your options inside and outside academia!

As you probably know only 30% of PhDs can stay in the academic world. So even if you first choice is to pursue a career in the academic world, it is still very important to look at the opportunities there are for you outside academia. So you will also have a very good plan B in place if you cannot find a position within academia. 

This process can be really overwhelming

How do I know what I want?  Maybe you lack confidence or have no idea where to begin.  Or maybe you are torn between completely different career options.

You don’t have to do this all alone

During the coaching trajectory "Beyond your PhD" I’ll help you deal with your doubts or barriers, you will get practical steps, advice and coaching to help you find your next job.

I can help you with questions like:

  • People say there are so many options outside academia, but where to begin?
  • How do I know my talents and the value of that outside academia?
  • How do I present myself to possible employers?
  • How to build a network that helps me find a job?
  • Do I have the right skills?
  • How do I find out what I am good at (besides science) ?
  • If I stay in academia how can I make sure that my work is useful to society?
  • Do I want to go for a postdoc?
  • I’m contemplating completely different kinds of jobs. How to make a choice?
  • Could I start my own company, how to go about that?

Barriers you might feel:

  • How do I get from: I  like these things about my current job - to finding a job that fits these criteria?
  • What if I choose to leave academia?  I’m not sure if I’ll like it and then it is hard to get back.
  • I have no working experience outside academia, so how can I find a job outside academia?
  • How can I find a job outside academia if my discipline and its methods are not widely understood or recognized?
  • People say it is important to network, but I don’t know how to network/ I am not good at networking.

You don't have to do this alone!

I can help you with your questions and barriers

I am Samula Mescher. I believe that every moment of choice is a chance to take one step closer to what really suits you. Making choices and taking steps that really suit your talents, who you are and what you want out of life creates light, joy and energy in your life! Making choices with your heart and your head will enable you to make a difference, to really make your unique contribution to this world!

I really know from experience what science asks of you but also what the world outside academia asks of you.

I obtained my PhD on the topic of work-life balance in 2011 and I have worked in academia for 11 years. In addition, I have over 10 years of experience outside academia. As a management consultant, policy advisor, HR advisor and entrepreneur, I’ve experienced many organizations and sectors from the inside. This rich background enables me to help scientists in different phases of their career with finding a healthy work-life balance and with making career and life choices, both with their heart & head.


How would it be to...

enjoy exploring your options instead of feeling overwhelmed or scared

feel confident about your skills and what you can contribute to organizations

(both within or outside academia)

feel supported in this process

have practical tools and steps in your toolbox to find your next job

Apply for your next job full of purpose, energy, enthusiasm and confidence

Beyond your PhD coaching trajectory

Beyond your PhD is an individual coaching trajectory complete tuned to you. To your specific questions and specific needs and your specific situation. It consists of: 

  • 8 individual coaching sessions (by telephone/Zoom)
  • questions and assignments you will work on between coaching sessions.
  • practical resources such as my Networking Guide and my LinkedIn Guide
  • Unlimited questions and support through email during the coaching trajectory

Networking Guide

It includes very powerful and practical networking tips and  do’s & don’ts. You will also receive my Golden Networking Questionnaire, with loads of questions you can ask during a networking conversation. So you will

never be at loss for questions, you will leave the conversation bursting with valuable ideas and information. And both you and the person you talk to will enjoy and value the conversation.

Linked-In Guide

Full of tips and tools about how you can present yourself in the best possible way on LinkedIn.

You will learn how to best use LinkedIn to network in a powerful and effective way.

It also include practical how-to tips: where to find what on Linked in, what buttons to use etc.



You are a PhD or postdoc and you are committed to really work actively on your questions and barriers. You are willing to stretch your comfort zone and really investigate and try out new things or new behavior. You are ready to get behind the steering wheel of your life and career!

Is this you? Then I would really love to work with you!

"I sought coaching because I felt stuck when I thought about what to do after my PhD. I knew that I would not be able to figure this out on my own and that I needed help with this. The coaching really helped me to look at ‘the problem’ from different angles and to look at it from a more distant perspective. The coaching gave me much more than this. I learned a lot about myself and how I approach things. Through the coaching I became aware that I look at everything very rationally and sometimes my feelings came second best. I have learned to trust my intuition more and live more consciously. I try to focus more and more on what really is important to me, but that is a process of trial and error. Samula is a coach with a good antenna, flexible and strong in helping you recognizing your own thoughts, emotions and pitfalls. I found the atmosphere during our sessions always very pleasant, open, honest, and totally not condemning or anything. I really appreciated the variety of talking about current issues and bigger issues in my life as well as doing exercises together and at home. I felt I could share and talk about anything that I needed to talk about. Moreover, the flexibility of the trajectory really made it feel tailor made for me. "

Myrna, PhD

Myrna decided to stay in academia and accepted a stimulating postdoc position that really matched what she wanted to find in her new job.


Coaching sessions can be done through Zoom or telephone. Which means you can do the sessions from the convenience of your home, workplace or anywhere you feel comfortable. No travel time needed. Sessions can be done in Dutch or English.  


Your investment €1220 including VAT*). There are possibilities that your employer pays for (part of) your coaching. See for example what het PNN says about possibilities in the CAO.

*) This is the private rate. When your employer pays for your coaching trajectory then the employer rates apply. Please contact me for employer rates.

Something for you?

Before you say yes we explore together whether this coaching trajectory is a fit for you, whether I would be the right coach for you and what your specific wishes are with regard to the trajectory. Do you want to explore this at no cost together with me? Book your free consultation call now. Send me an email at samula or click the button below.

Your application is definite when I have received your payment.  This career trajectory is a product of By applying for the trajectory you declare that you understand that your commitment is necessary to get the desired results and that this is your own responsibility. You are also responsible for being able to be present during the coachingsessions and for doing the assignments. You cannot ask for a refund if you have missed a coachings session.  By applying for the coaching trajectory you give consent to these terms and conditions. 

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